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About Club


JM Grizzlies Basketball Club statement is simple, it’s to follow our founder’s lead in every way. To teach, develop, organize, manage and offer both youth and senior players the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills to the advance play of basketball. While instilling life-lessons and values such as character, team work, discipline, respect, integrity and sportsmanship. To create a club with passion, respect and commitment in making it a place for everyone to enjoy playing basketball.

JM Grizzlies - Vests

Youth Membership Costs

Saturday: 1.00pm to 3.00pm (13.00 to 15.00) – 11yrs to 15yrs.

Home Court: Newbold Terrace E, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. CV32 4EW

Membership fees – One payment of £45.00.
Training Fees – £47.50 per quarter
(Sept-Nov / Dec–Feb / Mar–May / Jun-Aug)

Senior Membership Costs

Age range is 16 years to 25 plus. Time: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm (19:00 to 21:00)

Home Court: Bridge Sports Centre, Warwick School. Banbury Road,
Warwick, CV34 6PL

Membership Fees – One payment of £70
Training Fees – £40 per quarter
(Sept-Nov / Dec–Feb / Mar–May / Jun – Aug )
Each game home or away will cost £5.00 each if picked

My Time Line

Head Coach

Ian A’Kempis (1993-present)

Ian A’Kempis joined Aylesford Basketball Club in 1993 as a player. By 1998 Ian started to help John Mumford with the Juniors as well as playing for the Hawks and 7 Stars teams.By 2001 John was running the club and coach Ian A’Kempis was lucky to be his asst coach for Aylesford Jnrs.

This stayed as the format until about 2011 when John wanted to take a back seat. Therefore the format changed, John became the manager of Aylesford Basketball Club. By this point Ian had stop playing, his focus was to coach Aylesford Jnrs then as players had moved on. In 2012  we joined the 7 Stars and Aylesford Jnrs and moved to Warwick School.

Changed our name to Warwick Bears because players where over 18.We won the 2nd Division and the following season moved into the 1st Division this was a step too far and we lost a lot games then a lot of players.Ian spent the next year or two rebuilding the squad and Ian started work with the council to get young children into the club by 2017 we looked good to win  Division 2, but fell and became runners up. In this season Ian had lost my great friend and mentor John. Over the years we had many hours together talking about players and the game of basketball. In his honour we changed our name to JM Grizzlies.

At JM Grizzlies we have an open door policy because everyone should have the chance to enjoy our beautiful game. In a family atmosphere were to be competitive is good but taking part is as important.


Our Founder and Chairman

John Mumford (1949 – 2018)

Played an active part on WBA Committee from 1976 to 2001. Junior Development Programme at Aylesford basketball club in 1988 to 2011.

Aylesford Basketball, Aces was formed in 1968 by John Mumford & Graham Minton (ex Aylesford School Pupils) who were introduced to the game by the then Aylesford P.E Teacher Mr.Terry Bott. They wanted to play competitive basketball after leaving school so the Aylesford club was formed. The team entered the Warwickshire Basketball League in the 1968/69 season with very little money, very little idea of organised team basketball but with a lot of heart and enthusiasm and a group of committed players.

John’s dad, John’s Mum and George all played a part in supporting John and helping players in the club. The whole family played an active part in their support to him.

The club has, in its time, won many championships. It has seen many good players and friends come and go. It formed a ladies section at one time only to see it unfortunately close as the Women’s game fell into decline. It has hosted and taken part in five international tournaments with trips to France, Germany & Austria and in 1982 organised the first ever international tournament in Warwick at which the home side Potterton Hawks were Champions.

John gave his life to the game of basketball. Always looking at how he could improve things for others. Looking how he could make a player better and a team better. That is why he achieved so much. John served as a member of The Committee, Secretary and Chairman of Warwickshire Basketball and was a driving force in the development of the game at all levels. A qualified referee and table official, there is little that John has not and did not do for the game in this part of the Country. A recipient of several awards, he was one of the first to be inducted into the Warwickshire Basketball Hall of Fame.

Aylesford Basketball Club is now the oldest established club in the Warwickshire area and one of the oldest in England, it has every year since 1968/69 entered teams in the various competitions within both Warwickshire and the West Midlands area.John started as secretary and treasurer and since then has moved on to become Chairman, Coach, Manager, Secretary & Treasurer. Although ill health forced him to hang up his boots some time ago. He was Chairman, administrator and ambassador for the Club and The Warwick Grizzlies, who came out of the Junior Development Programme.

Over the years many young men, were coached and mentored by him, they have gone on to achieve the highest standard of character and performance in our great sport.

John’s love, passion, commitment and hard work means that 50 years on the club is still going. Because of John’s huge impact many people in the Warwickshire area have played basketball and are still taking part in some way. It also means he is well loved and respected. His ethos is that basketball is for everyone not for an elite few. Yes, winning is important but he always believes that everyone should play the beautiful game of basketball.

We are now tasked with carrying on John’s legacy with the same commitment and passion to the next generation. He has been a close friend and mentor to me for 29 years. I am sure that John would want everyone to play their part in making basketball a game that can be enjoyed by many for many years to come. Our task is to carry this message on at JM Basketball Club. With the same passion, commitment and love for the game as our founder John Mumford.

By Ian A’Kempis – JM Grizzlies Basketball Club.

Our Sponsors

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